Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In the deer park

In the deer park by Susie Wright is deffernutly going to be a great influence in my work to come
it is a visual book full of image's by mix media, a future aspiration of my own!

Tim jones

“Our predilection is to augment our bodies with all means of social and historical increments. We are garbed in cultural definition, exposing self-regard and possession of projected lifestyle. Whilst naked we are still unable to escape the prescribed aesthetic. These appendages of culture have obscured the fundamental aspects of the human body. We have become estranged from our visceral self, unable to focus on our own vulnerability.”

a quote from tim jones about his solo exhibition SKINS
in it he tells us how we as humans have become hazed by the way are bodies are percieved and the aspects in which our bodies are to be used for.

i am relating this quote to my Cobain illustrations in the manor that kurt himself felt presured and rebelled against everything the music industry stood for and how playing music which he loved wasn't just about music anymore but the industry that surounded him and the life which he was forced to lead became distorted to the life that he knew.