Thursday, 28 July 2011

Machree/ Far/ Crosses

Discovered a couple of new bands recently and i want to share the lovely noise. First up is Machree, influence's appear to be very Thrice like. Album 'White out' was released 2009 its a pain to get a hold of online, but a few tracks from this album are on youtube. They are to release an ep this year 'Changer' give them a listern, i think there worth it!

Second up is Far, this band have been around awhile and have a few albums on the go, myself however have only just discovered this band, and i can say from the first few seconds of listerning the there latest album 'Tin cans with strings to you' i am amazed. Heavily influenced by Deftone's (one of my favourite bands) so it comes as no surprise they teamed up with front man Chino Moreno from Deftone's to form my third band discovery, Crosses.

Crosses have only released a teaser so far for this up and coming project, but my it's a brilliant teaser, i want to hear the rest right now!

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